2022 Qatar Matches

 A trip planning guide for the 2022 Qatar Matches, 20 November 2022 - 18 December 2022.

The 2022 Qatar Matches is scheduled to take place in and around Doha, Qatar, from 20 November to 18 December 2022. With 32 teams and a timeframe of around 29 days, matches will be played at eight venues, all located in and around Doha, along the Eastern side of Qatar, with a total of 65 matches being played.

Our trip planning guide contains airport considerations that are recommended primarily for repositioning/parking purposes based on their proximity to Qatar, ability to support all types of operations (i.e., BGA, Charter, non-scheduled Commercial, Cargo, Military, etc.), GSE availability, and ability to support AOG events.

Our World Fuel Trip Support team has gathered information related to slot restrictions, COVID update, ground handling, visa requirements, hotel accommodations, and more. If you have any questions, email us at [email protected].


Review the Travel Safety Brief provided by UHC Global.

Event Specific Operations

Slot Restrictions

Resource: Managing Airport Slot Coordination

Slots at OTBD & OTHH are on a first-come-first-serve basis and are subject to the airport’s approval.

All BGA operators that wish to operate in Qatar will be accommodated primarily at OTBD (Doha International Airport) and Charter operators at OTBD or OTHH (Doha Hamad International Airport), depending on the available slot availability and capacity. Commercial and Non-scheduled Commercial operators will be accommodated at OTHH, also subject to slot availability and capacity. This ensures that the available capacity is maximized and appropriate service levels are met. It is important to note that Military, State, SAR, Emergency, and Humanitarian operations will be exempted from slot restrictions. 

Since both airports will see a massive influx of traffic over this period, Slots will be allocated on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis, with a price tag of $5000 per arrival and departure (one rotation). Considering that narrow or wide-body aircraft are allowed a maximum ground time at OTBD or OTHH not more than 60 mins and 90 mins, respectively, aircraft would need to perform a ‘drop-off of passengers and reposition.’ Slots would therefore be required for two rotations (i.e., two arrivals and two departure slots), meaning that $10,000 would be needed for the slot deposit. If that number is enough to make your eyes water, bear in mind that slots are refundable if they are canceled up to 24hrs before the scheduled arrival time (in UTC), or the slot deposit will be deducted from the final handling invoice to customers. Special attention must be given to slot conformity and penalties as it will be strictly monitored for compliance. 

Given the high demand and complexities of making the necessary arrangements with the local handlers, airport authorities, and the civil aviation authority, we can facilitate all the required services to ensure the best experience possible while on the ground in Doha. Ancillary services such as maintenance for AOG events, catering, hotel accommodation, and transportation can also be facilitated through our World Fuel Services team. 

Repositioning aircraft to other airports in countries surrounding Qatar primarily for parking is an important consideration that must be factored into the planning phase of a flight. While there are several airports that one can operate to, and considering the needs that each customer may have, the following airports are recommended to support air traffic: OMAA, OMSJ, OMDW, OMDB in the United Arab Emirates, OBBI in Bahrain, OKBK in Kuwait, OERK in Saudi Arabia, or perhaps OJAQ in Jordan. 


The in-to-plane company, ‘Qatar Fuel Company,’ can supply fuel via hydrant or trucked fuel at both OTBD and OTHH. To date, there are no fuel restrictions in place or concerns about supply. 

Ground Handling

The official ground handling company at OTBD and OTHH is Qatar Aviation Services (QAS), a subsidiary company of Qatar Airways with VVIP services provided by Qatar Executive FBO at OTBD only. QAS is the only ground handler available at these airports and owns and operates the available ground service equipment to support various operations. They will also work closely with the various stakeholders at these airports, such as the slot coordination department, the civil aviation authority, and the airport authority, to ‘streamline’ the entire logistical process for arriving and departing aircraft.

One can assume that the rationale of having all the stakeholders at the airports working together is to ensure that these processes run smoothly evident in the multifaceted approval stages that one must follow for acceptance to operate in Qatar. 

Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services are available at OTBD and OTHH through Qatar Executive and Qatar Airways. The following maintenance events are available as follows:

  • Qatar Executive WLL provides an exceptional base, line maintenance, repair, and technical services at its dedicated hangar facility at OTBD
  • EASA and Qatar CAA Part 145 approved
  • Dedicated AOG, a support team using the Qatar Airways network to provide industry-leading response times to support customers
  • As an approved Bombardier Authorized Service Facility (ASF), they can offer a full service on the BD700 and CL600 series aircraft with warranty support and reclaim
  • Highly experienced Gulfstream maintenance team with unparalleled capability in the region for:
    • Gulfstream G650/G650ER
    • Gulfstream G500
    • Bombardier CL-600-2B16 (Challenger 604/605)
    • Global BD-700 –1A10 (Global XRS)
    • Global BD-700 –1A11 (Global 5000)
    • C5 aircraft main batteries workshop (NiCad)
    • AOG team
    • Engine borescope reports
    • Compass swings

Resource: Qatar Executive

General Information to Know

  • As with all significant events, operators should be conscious of temporary price increases across the board relating to aircraft VVIP services, handling charges, airport-related fees, hotel accommodations, transfers, etc. Please feel free to contact your Salesperson or our trip support team for any free Trip Cost Estimates or submit a request here.
  • API (Advanced Passenger Information) details for all crew and passengers inbound/outbound must be provided to the authorities at least 10 hours before arriving in Qatar. Our operations team will be able to facilitate this process on our customers’ behalf.
  • Crew operating IN / OUT on the same private flight can be cleared on an immigration form if they are in full uniform, hold a valid crew ID card, and carry a passport with a minimum of 06 months before the expiration date, with a stay in Doha not exceeding 72 Hours. If the crew stays longer than 72 Hrs., a visa is required before arrival in Doha, or if eligible, crew can obtain a visa. Please check directly with the Qatar embassy in the country of origin for a visa on arrival. 
  • Operating with a Gendec inbound/outbound is a MUST for BGA traffic.

Airport Considerations

The following airports are recommended primarily for repositioning/parking purposes based on their proximity to Qatar, ability to support all types of operations (i.e., BGA, Charter, non-scheduled Commercial, Cargo, Military, etc.), GSE availability, and ability to support AOG events.

  • United Arab Emirates
    • Abu Dhabi International (OMAA)
    • Sharjah International (OMSJ)
    • Al Maktoum International (OMDW)
    • Dubai International (OMDB)
  • Bahrain
    • Bahrain International (OBBI)
  • Kuwait
    • Kuwait International (OKBK)
  • Saudi Arabia
    • Riyadh/King Khaled International (OERK)
  • Jordan
    • Aqaba King Hussein International (OJAQ)

Note: While every effort has been made to confirm parking availability and restrictions at these airports, circumstances may change. It is advisable to check with our operations team and refer to current NOTAMS in effect for any restrictions. 



Qatar is security threat level two


Security level 3: Crime rates are low in Qatar, and crime is unlikely to affect foreign travelers and expatriates. Still, travelers should avoid the unskilled expatriate labor camps outside of Doha, as they have higher crime rates than more upscale city areas. Protests and demonstrations are rare in Qatar, and security forces closely monitor those that do occur. Although no significant terrorist incidents have occurred recently, the threat of terrorism remains a security concern in Qatar. Travelers should be mindful of Islamic laws and customs in Qatar.  

Contact Us

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Landing Permits

All private and non-scheduled commercial aircraft overflying or landing for non-commercial purposes must obtain permission from the Director of Civil Aviation before Departure.

A flight plan must be received by ATC Authorities at least two hours before estimated entry into the Airspace of Qatar. All requests must be submitted at least 72 hours before departure.


COVID Entry Requirements

COVID entry requirements for Pax and Crew must be adhered to. See the ‘Qatar Travel Policy’ for more information and review the FAQs.

Note that unvaccinated crew is not allowed to enter Qatar

Visa Requirements

While certain nationalities are exempted from visas for Qatar, it is recommended that crew and passengers familiarize themselves with the requirements. Please review the visa and passport requirements.

Hotel Accomodations

Doha has an abundance of four- and five-star hotels with various price points. Major hotel chains include Marriott, Hilton, IHG, Accor, Hyatt, Radisson, and Millennium. Two Cruise Ship Hotels will be permanently docked for the entirety of the FIFA World Cup. Many of these hotels are sold out or at high capacity. Presently, inventory is compressed as 80% of the hotel rooms are already reserved for FIFA players, referees, media, and official guests. Properties under construction preparing to open for the event are Steigenberger Hotel Apartment, Bentley Luxury Hotel & Suites, Wyndham Grand Doha West Bay Beach, and Plaza Doha by Anantara. Understandably, rates are higher during this special event.

It is important to note that all hotel accommodations will be entirely under the control of the Qatar Accommodation Agency (QAA), and one will not be able to book any room directly or indirectly with hotels or brokers like booking.com or Agoda, or similar platforms. Bookings will only be accepted directly through FIFA or any FIFA associates. Accommodation options available include hotels, apartments and villas, cruise ship hotels, and fan villages. QAA is currently prioritizing accommodation sales to match ticket holders. One would need a ‘Ticket Application Number’ to confirm a booking, so ensure that you secure your match tickets before trying to book accommodation.

There is a cornucopia of restaurants to try, popular shopping malls, and attractions. Beware, commuting will take several hours. All visitors traveling to Qatar between 1 November 2022 and 23 January 2023 will need a Hayya Card.


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