Changes in Mexico Agency Now Require New Documents

As part of its name change, which is part of a broader overhaul that authorities are undergoing, some departments within the agency have changed the way they operate.

This includes changes in documents that you must have on your flight.

Civil Aviation Authority in Mexico (fka DGAC) has changed its name to AFAC (Civil Aviation Federal Agency) as of October 16, 2019.

As part of its change, which is part of a broader overhaul that authorities are undergoing, some departments within the agency have changed the way they operate.

Unfortunately, it is too soon to brief you accurately on specific changes. Moreover, some changes might be overturned in the interim due to a lack of practical application. What we can share with you so far is the following:


The department in charge of Insurances and Bonds is under new management. The criteria for the validation and acceptance of Mexican insurance policies, as well as Worldwide insurance polices, is now more strict. 

Mexican insurance policies require original forms as most policies have been rejected if signatures are blurry, payment receipts are missing, or a color hard print is noticeable.

Worldwide insurance policies are now required to be submitted in full so that coverage, proofs of payment, as well as aircraft details are clearly shown. Please note that certificates of insurance are being rejected mostly when they make clear reference to a policy number, thus making AFAC ask for the Insurance Policy referenced rather than the certificate.

Power of Attorney

In the past and given the frequency of unscheduled aviation, a simple copy of a signed power of attorney was sufficient to prove legal representation of an operator and gain the ability to submit applications as well as start and follow up on processes like landing authorizations/etc. on each company's behalf.

Now, POA requires proof from original documentation that is notarized with an apostille. Please note that this has not yet been made an official policy but something, which is suggested for ease of operation. Furthermore, for single landing and next day/short notice operations, a digital copy must be submitted beforehand and the original notarized document including apostle must be submitted to the central office when available.

Insurances & Power of Attorney are Protected by Law

The points above are considered, based, and protected by the law. There are instances where they may or may not be enforced in part due to keeping planes from coming therefore avoiding further delays. Yes, it is still the same playbook, just different interpretations of the rules.

Documents You Must Have for All Flights

  1. Aircraft Registration and Airworthiness *Original needed*
  2. WW Insurance *Original needed*
  3. AOC Radio License Medical certs for PIC and SIC *Original needed*
  4. PL for PIC and SIC Mexico Insurance (Commercial) *Original needed*
  5. Department of Transport Ops Specs 4507 form (PLEASE always make sure it's the most up to date)

Single Landing Authorizations

AFAC seems to be aiming to reduce or eliminate one-time authorizations. In the past, an operator could obtain as many as 5 authorizations before CAA deemed necessary or mandatory to start the process for an Indefinite Blanket Permit should the operator need to continue flying into Mexico. The number was then reduced to 3, back to 5, and all of this with no change, update or executive order whatsoever. It just became a common practice.

Now, we have been notified about the need to start and obtain an Indefinite Blanket Permit should the operator need to continue flying into Mexico after that Single Shot. A "single shot" will soon be just that. It is imperative to be proactive and start due process in all instances it becomes necessary. As a reminder, once the process has been started, landing authorizations could be obtained on a case-by-case basis while the permit is undergoing and until it is issued.

Although this message isn't brief, it only contains what has been transpiring for the last couple weeks. We expect more changes to come and of course we will keep you informed accordingly. We hope that these lines can shed some light on the situation and aid you in your preparation.

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The rise in drug trafficking­related violence throughout Mexico has raised significant concerns regarding security conditions for both travelers and local residents. While cartel violence is concentrated in a handful of northern Border States such as Tamaulipas, Nuevo Leon, Coahuila, Durango and Chihuahua as well as the Pacific Coast states of Michoacan and Guerrero, security threats related to the drug trade continue to spread beyond those states. Random shootings and other attacks in public places (including those involving explosives), which could collaterally affect innocent bystanders, remain a significant concern. Travelers should exercise caution near government buildings, police stations and media outlets, as drug cartels have launched attacks against these facilities throughout Mexico. While cartel­related violence has relatively decreased over the past few years, the threats and concerns associated with drug­trafficking will remain Mexico's most prominent security issue for the foreseeable future.

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