COVID-19 Update: Central America & the Caribbean

The Central America and Caribbean region is open to general aviation flights with a few considerations. 

The Central America region is open to general aviation flights with a few considerations. In this update, you'll find that various permits, depending on the country, are now required to operate in all Central America. Requirements also include the COVID PCR test for passengers and crew, however, the timeliness of the test varies from country to country.

Review the full regional update including summaries for 22 countries below. 

COVID PCR Test - General Overview
The COVID PCR test is a requirement for passengers that ranges from 48 hours in Panama to 96 hours in Guatemala. Typically, the standard for the test is 72 hours. In countries such as is Belize, Nicaragua, Honduras, and El Salvador also the crew needs the COVID PCR test.

In some cases, like Guatemala and Panama, they are not accepting passengers from the U.K. In Costa Rica, for example, they are also requesting medical insurance. For return flights to the country of origin, passengers and crew can take the COVID PCR test at the airport facilities or in the city center in some instances. 

No matter the possibility, you must prepare by appointment and of course with cost to the interested party. 

General Security Parameters
As for the Caribbean, this entire corridor is considered a tourist destination and has made general aviation provisions to stay open within the permissible security parameters. These security parameters range from reduced contact protocols to more complex procedures.

We recommend reviewing each country on the trip route before starting the setup of the flight, as well as before the actual departure. The World Fuel Trip Support Team is available 24/7 to check the latest restrictions to support your trip requirements.
For all country updates, visit the COVID-19 resource page.


Summaries of Open Countries


Anguilla is open to pre-approved visitors the request must apply to as well there is a warning that not any other site should be visited other than the above mentioned because is a FRAUDALT SITE and should be avoided.

PCR test must be taken 3-5 days prior to arrival and an online agent will assist if there are any questions or concerns regarding the status of Anguilla and presentation of documents for entry such as a Negative PCR test as well the financial contributions procedure.

All guest will have to be quarantine at their hotel they are allowed to move around the hotel's property, but not through the island. Hours of operation 1100-2200UTC.

Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda has an open curfew 20:00-05 (local ).

A negative PCR is required for the crew even if the A/C is turning and passengers must use an authorized airport taxi for any arrivals. Approvals are still need from the Airport Authority. The Caribbean community (CARICOM) has provided parameters for the establishment of a regional Travel Bubble among OECS Countries this is designed to facilitate intra-regional travel of nationals, movement of essential workers, and inter-regional travel of visitors to the region while ensuring that the necessary protocols are followed. 

All arriving passengers must complete a health declaration form; if crew members need a negative test result or their next destination, these testing options are available.


Aruba is open need PCR test 72 hours fulfill online ED CARD. Must purchase Aruba Visitors Insurance and download the Aruba Department of Public Health's Aruba Health App.

Operating hours are 1300-0059UTC.


Bahamas is open, and they request what they have called the Health Travel Visa, the 5-day COVID test, an online questionnaire to track people, and they have the availability in the FBO to be able to carry out the tests if the crew stays more than 24 hours.


Barbados is open and there are two health forms which passengers need to complete and send prior to arrival. There are a country risk categorizations of High and Medium risk countries. With the risk categorization in consideration, persons of those country may need to take a mandatory COVID19 PCR test within 72 hours prior to arrival. Low risk countries are allowed to be and take up to 5 days prior to arrival and must be submitted electronically.

No overnights allowed if they do not have on board the PCR 72 hours prior to travel.


Bermuda is Open operating from 09:00 17:00 lcl ,permit it is required 48 hours prior to operation as well the Handling ,all crews must apply for travel authorizations if remaining overnight or longer via website, if operating as Charter operations you will need to apply for an Operators Permit to be obtained from Bermuda Civil Aviation and the PCR test it is required no more than five days prior to operation.

British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands are open, and crews and passengers must present PCR negative. Crews and passengers need to consider RT-PCR testing at various intervals and sites.

Also, the charters must submit application for a Foreign Operators Permit and consider airport hours of operation 1100-0100UTC.

Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands are open and permits must be obtained by civil aviation. There is an application online to request it, and travelers must present PCR test 72 hours prior.

No fuel stops are allowed and no crew can remain overnight allowed. Passengers have mandatory quarantine for 14 days.

Hours of operation are 1200-0200UTC.


Cuba is open and aircraft operations are permitted only in the interest of medical collaboration, humanitarian, and cargo assistance.

The Havana FIR/CTA and the International airports will continue to operate. Any passenger wanting to travel to Cuba must have a certificate with negative result from a PCR-RT from a certified Lab in the country of origin and must be done within 72 hours before arrival.


Curaçao is open and arrival flights need a landing permit. Passengers must complete a digital immigration card online and digitally fill out the Passenger Locator Card (PLC). Passengers arriving from a country not on their list must bring a PCR test and quarantine if they present symptoms.

Airport operating hours 1000-0200UTC.

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic is open and the immigration and customs form is now required to fill out online. Flights from the U.K. are asked for the COVID test three days prior. If the test isn't done, it is prepared on arrival as well and then arrivals must quarantine for 7 days. As for the crews, the COVID-19 screening remains within the confines of their hotel room with limited room service. It is forbidden to use public spaces and general aviation flights.

Arriving flights from Venezuela are suspended


Dominica is open and travelers must obtain a negative COVID 19 PCR test before arrival. Submit the online Health Questionnaire prior 24-72 hours prior to arrival.

There is a CLASSIFICATION COVID-RISK COUNTRY to be aware of and Crews are required to RON on a government approval hotel.

The airport hours of operation are 1000-2359UTC


Grenada is open, but requires a landing permit. All passengers and crew must present the PCR Test 48 -72 hours prior to arrival  and travelers must have a Pure Safe Travel Certificate that it is a travel authorization which grants the approved authorization to travel to Grenada.

The handler can't confirm flights on short notice or before permission is granted. Aircraft disinfection is required prior to arrival and crews are required to surrender empty cleaning cans to port health officials as a proof aircraft was disinfected.

Hours of operation for the airport/authorities and FBO airport hours of operation are 1000-0230UTC.

Customs and Immigration hours of operation are 1000-0200UTC IAM FBO 1130-2330.


Haiti is open, but no proof of COVID is required. Simply fill out the Health Declaration Form, and on arrival the passengers do a medical screening here.

Hours of operation are from 1000UTC to 2359UTC.


Jamaica is open and one must obtain a landing permit 72 hours prior to arrival. The form requirements are divided for persons ordinarily resident or non-residents in Jamaica. A medical officer will conduct a health and risk assessment to determine whether or not the person poses a high risk for the transmission of the COVID19, and there are several procedures in place following the risk assessment

All residents of the USA, Brazil Dominican Republic, Mexico or Panama are required to present a PCR test and the test must be less than 10 days old from travel to Jamaica. There is test date calculator in place, and they suggest to take time to know the risk management initiatives and applicable quarantine orders that form part of the controlled Entry Program. Crew are not required the PCR if it is only a touch and go.

Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Kitts and Nevis are open and all passengers and crew travelling to TKPK are required to seek permission at least 3 days before actual arrival date.

Visit online for more information.

Travelers must submit a negative COVID 19 PCR test 72 hrs before arrival and departure. Tech stops are allowed, but with previous 48 hours authorization and crew will be confined to their hotel and will not be allow to venture out into the public.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is open and travelers must bring the COVID test, fill out the online Travel Declaration Form, and obtain an Airport Exit Confirmation number and Q.R. code.

Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is open from 1200-2200UTC Sunday to Friday and Saturdays 1200-0100UTC. All passengers are required to have a PCR Test and a pre-arrival registration form.

There is a country categorization such as CARIBBEAN BUBBLE. Passengers and crew are required to stay at approved resorts. Crews are exempted from testing requirements, but will be subject to temperature screening and testing upon arrival. Quarantine period of no less than 14 days may also be implemented. 

Sin Maarten

Sin Maarten is open and part 135 must obtain a permit. There is a country categorization to be aware of and travelers need to apply for the Health Authorization Application (EHAS). Travelers are also required to have a health insurance coverage and an additional covering COVID19 related expenses is strongly recommended.

High risk travelers are required to have 14 consecutive days of self-monitoring and will receive an email alert with a link for submitting information online. Crew are not required to perform PCR test if arriving and departing on same day.

Hours of operation 1100-0100UTC.

Turks & Caicos

Turks & Caicos is open, and they request the COVID test within five days, which has to be translated into English by a certified translator, as well as a medevac trip insurance. The crew also has to fill out the Travel Health Crew form.

Trinidad & Tobaga

Trinidad and Tobaga is closed to nationals. Permanent residents seeking to enter must submit their request for exemption and must present copy of bio data page of their passport, copy of their permanent resident stamp in their passport, or a copy of permanent residence certificate, and a negative PCR test no older than 72 hours of their arrival date.

U.S. Virgin Islands

U.S. Virgin Islands are open and the travel requirements for all air passengers arriving in the United States DO NOT apply to persons travelling from U.S. Virgin Islands to the United States. Every traveler aged five years or older who enters the U.S. Virgin Islands are required to use the USVI Travel Screening Portal at and submit COVID-19 test result prior to travel.

Travelers who originate in the U.S. Virgin Islands and return to territory, including those who return within a 5-day period, must take a test before returning, or be prepared to test and quarantine upon entry.

The laboratory that performs the COVID-19 test should be certified under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment (CLIA). Check a Lab's certification status here:

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