Trip Report: Curaçao

Not only is Curaçao a great destination for trade, culture, and tourism, it is also a viable tech stop for aircrafts operating between North and South America.

Not only is Curaçao a great destination for trade, culture, and tourism, it is also a viable tech stop for aircrafts operating between North and South America. Unfortunately, the current challenge of accessing the Venezuela FIR has limited the current tech stop opportunities. If it does fall within your operating parameters, it should definitely be a consideration for your tech stop needs due to ease of operation, fuel availability, and the opportunity to experience a premier Air Elite location.



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Airport General Information


Curaçao International Airport, also known as Hato International Airport, is the primary airport for the island of Curaçao. The airport is located on the north coast of Curaçao, 12 kilometers from the capital Willemstad.

Operating in and out of Curaçao

When operating to or from Curaçao, the Curaçao / TNCF FIR requires the aircraft operator to pay air navigation fees prior to entering the airspace. The Dutch Caribbean Air Navigation Service Provider (DC ANSP), has a web portal which allows the aircraft operator to pay for the navigation fees.

Another option is to have World Fuel Services Trip Support manage this for the aircraft operator. The aircraft operator will be invoiced in the same manner as their other navigation fees managed by World Fuel Services Trip Support.

However, if the aircraft operators would rather manage the payment on their own, there is a ‘Set up an Account’ link on the web page.

Once the aircraft operator has registered, they simply need to fill out the flight information (as you would with an ICAO flight plan form) in which case the air navigation fee is automatically calculated based on the submitted flight plan parameters. The final step is to simply ‘Recharge’, check the credit card, and ‘send’ so the payment is submitted.

Managing Navigation Fees

When managing the navigation fees within the portal, please be aware of the following:

  • It is important for the aircraft operator to ensure the DC ANSP account is up to date with no outstanding debts, thus ensuring Curaçao FIR can grant aircraft entry into the airspace. Having an unpaid balance on account may prevent  the Curaçao FIR from granting aircraft entry into the airspace.
  • Aircraft operators should monitor their account with DC ANSP after travel through the Curaçao FIR to pay any additional amounts that may have risen due to the difference in payment of the ‘Estimated’ navigational costs verses the ‘actual’ navigational costs.
    • For example:  If the ‘Estimate’ page displays the air navigation fee as 75 USD, the actual flown flight calculation may be 87 USD, thus putting you 12 USD in arrears with DC ANSP.
  • Aircraft–Request Creation screen - When registering an aircraft to your account, ensure to insert a date up to which, you are willing to accept navigation fee payment for this aircraft. If the expiration date is not set, the aircraft operator may continue to be responsible for aircraft charges not related to their operation.
  • The ‘Estimate’ page form is identical to the ICAO flight plan form; however it is totally separate from the ATC flight plan filing process.
  • Only one account can be responsible for fee payments for an aircraft. Thus if an aircraft operator previously used a trip support company to pay fees on the operator’s behalf, the operator has to contact the trip support provider to have the aircraft removed from their DC ANSP account. Once this is done, the operator will be able to add the aircraft to their account.


Jet Centre Curaçao

Jet Centre Curaçao, operated by CATS, is Curaçao International Airport’s first and only private terminal and is dedicated to serving business and general aviation customers with a luxurious experience punctuated by Air Elite Service. The FBO offers a wide range of services including on-site customs and immigration services, security, food & beverage, as well as meeting rooms. They also provide excellent fuel and handling services 24/7 with no need to declare at immigration or customs for fuel stops.

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