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Trip Report: Cuba

The following is a summary of a trip report covering Havana Airport, following a visit from our Global Vendor Team.

The following is a summary of a trip report covering Havana Airport, following a visit from our Global Vendor Team.
Report Details

  • Visit Date: 1/17/2018
  • Country: Havana
  • Airport Name: Havana International Airport
  • ICAO Code: MUHA
  • IATA Code: HAV

Airport General Information


Havana Airport is managed by the Government, has one runway, and is open 24 hours. 


  • ECASA Ground Handling
  • ECASA Fuel Division
Airport Location

Distance to Downtown & Estimated Travel Time: 19 miles. 30 kms. Around 40 minutes by cart
Traffic During Rush-hour: No big problems with traffic in Havana, not too many cars. 

Havana is a seasonal location, though this seasonality is not so remarked as in some other Caribbean locations. The “low season” is summer during hurricane season. It’s a major destination for cruises. 

General Aviation Area Description

Havana Airport is managed by the Government. It has 5 Terminals:

  • Terminal 1 for Domestic flights
  • Terminal 2 for Charter International flights
  • Terminal 3 for Scheduled International flights
  • Terminal 4 for Cargo, it is a Huge Terminal
  • Terminal 5 for General Aviation  

It has one runway and is open 24 Hours. There is plenty of parking space in the different areas, and the parking space is fully controlled by the Airport Authority. 

AVCARD by World Fuel is not accepted and no other classic credit cards are accepted either. Services are prepaid, and it’s mandatory to have an agreement in place with the Authorities to land in Cuba. World Fuel has all the necessary agreements to make this trip seamless. 

Technical Stop Location

Does not qualify for Tech Stops. It has its own GA ramp, own customs and Immigration, but the for US customers flight has to be a return flight to Cuba. 

Ground Transportation

The easiest way is to get a normal taxi for Crews, however if a special transportation is required, the company “Commercial Take Off” can arrange any transportation.

Commercial Area Description

The Commercial Terminals are divided in three main areas, separated and NO connected buildings.

Terminal 1 or Domestic is the smallest and probably most deteriorated one. Some Ecasa offices are located at this terminal and in front of the terminal are the new office from Commercial Take Off. No fingers. Terminal 2 is a lot bigger than T1 and is more prepared and refurbished. It not only takes all the Charter flights, but some other flights like Austrian or Condor that have some scheduled seasonal flights and have no capacity in T3. No fingers. Terminal 3 is definitely the biggest and most concurred of all. It is also the most modern, still needs a lot to do. It has 8 fingers, all of them with hydrant system. Not much parking space apart from the fingers. 

Hydrant system is used in the three commercial terminals, but not for all the positions though. ECASA is the only Ground handling company taking care of all the airlines. It is a government company. 


Cuba Catering is the only company available and the only one that can be used. The service is good and the quality acceptable. 



Security Level: 2

The overall assessment of threats in Cuba is low. Cuba has a very low crime rate compared to other Latin American countries. The primary security concern in Cuba is petty crime, such as pickpocketing and purse snatching. Petty theft usually occurs in crowded areas such as markets and beaches in major tourist areas and on public transportation. Violent crime is rare, although there have been an increasing number of reports of violent assaults against foreigners during robberies. Security officials closely monitor foreigners’ activities on the island, raising privacy concerns. Cuba is also vulnerable to natural disasters, particularly earthquakes, tropical storms and hurricanes, due to its geographical location.

World Fuel Services partners with UnitedHealthcare Global Risk to offer superior security intelligence and risk mitigation services. Special reports are provided by UnitedHealthcare Global Risk.

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