AFAC: Mexico Ramp Checks

The Federal Civil Aviation Agency (AFAC) is conducting random ramp inspections on foreign aircrafts visiting Mexico.

The Federal Civil Aviation Agency (AFAC) is conducting random ramp inspections on foreign aircrafts visiting Mexico.

As a reminder, AFAC has the authority, right, and faculty to enforce such inspections at their disclosure.

Civil Aviation Authority in Mexico (fka DGAC) has changed its name to AFAC (Civil Aviation Federal Agency) as of October 16th. As part of its change, part of a broader overhaul authorities are undergoing, some departments within the agency have changed the way they operate and some procedures are being modified.

Recommended Documents to Have for Inspection

It is very important that operators, Private or Charter, have their original aircraft and pilot documents on board. These include, but are not limited to: 

  1. Airworthiness Certificate.
  2. Registration Certificate.
  3. Worldwide and/or Mexican Insurance stating Private use when flying Far Part 91 and Charter use when flying Far Part 135. When flying Far Part 135, it is mandatory to have both worldwide insurance and Mexican insurance.
  4. Pilot’s licenses: both sides and stating aircraft type rating.
  5. Pilot´s medical certificates: valid document according to crew role (Pilot in Command or Second in Command), type of flight, and according to pilot´s age. 
  6. If holding Multiple Entry Authorization (MEA), this document and its corresponding payment receipt, must be on board.
  7. For Charter operations, the following additional documents are required:
    a.     Valid Air Operator Certificate (AOC): Copies are accepted considering this document might include many tail numbers (fleet). Payment receipt should also be included.
    b.     FAA OST 4507 FORM copies are accepted considering this document might include many tail numbers. Alternatively, the appropriate exemption document, Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity, is also accepted.
    c.     In order to be considered valid, the Mexican Indefinite Blanket Permit (IBP should be accompanied by the Mexican AOC and the Yearly Verification (including payment receipt). Copies are accepted considering this document might have many tail numbers.
  8. The logbook (maintenance logbook) stating the most recent information about maintenance performed on the aircraft.
  9. The authorization to operate as a mobile radio aeronautic station (Aircraft radio station license/authorization). 
  10. The Flight Manual.
  11. Noise Certificate. 
  12. The Minimum Equipment List (MEL) when the type certificate indicates it. 
  13. Mexican AIP (for IBP holders only - electronic/CD copy will suffice).
  14. The pre-flight checklist. 
  15. If full or partial (inbound/outbound Mexico) route involves overflying the ocean, then a life raft and/or life jackets are required to be on board according to the type of aircraft. Please note this is a usual requirement, but Mexican CAA will be double-checking for this.
  16. Weight and Balance Manifest. 
  17. First Aid Kit. 
  18. Jeppesen Manuals (electronic format will suffice, must be up to date). 
  19. If operating Far Part 91 - Private flights, it is required to present a document stating the purpose of the flight, name of the lead passenger, and a statement declaring the lead passenger’s connection with the aircraft (owner, employees, etc). If accompanied by passengers, letter must declare the relationship of the passengers with the lead passenger (family, friends, employees, etc.). This will prove there is no commercial purpose under any circumstance. A notarized letter is not necessary. 

Documents for Inspection Will Vary

While there is no formal list of requirements to be presented at the time of inspection, those mentioned above are highly recommended. It is very important to be clear that AFAC has not provided a checklist per say, so it falls on the criteria of each inspector. They might ask for more or fewer documents than listed above.

These inspections are random on any foreign aircraft. Whether operating Private or Charter, operators will have to prove before AFAC if their flights are Private or Charter, as applicable, by their countries of origin. 

Regardless of whether landing authorizations are single or multiple, inspection will still apply.

If operators do not comply with the requirements, a warning or a fine will apply per the Mexican Civil Aviation Law.

Inspections have started up again on Nov 19th and will be permanent. 


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