Bahamas Charter Landing Permit
New Requirement

The Civil Aviation Authority Bahamas (CAAB) has issued a new requirement for a charter landing permit.

The World Fuel Trip Support team has compiled information on this new requirement, and is available for consultation. If you have any questions, contact World Fuel Trip Support at [email protected].

  • FAR 135 Operators require a license to operate in/out of the Bahamas. This will be similar to the Air License held for Canada allowing flights between the US-Bahamas-US without additional permission. 
  • Once the license is obtained individual ADHOC charter permits will not be required. 
    • A one-time ADHOC landing permit may be considered, but not guaranteed, so long as the operator has submitted a licensing application for Bahamas Air Transport Licensing.
  • CAAB requires the operator to apply directly and must have direct communication with the operator during the application process. The operator may include World Fuel Trip Support on the application correspondence so that, should they have any questions, World Fuel Trip Support can assist, as necessary. 
  • For flexibility (Section 6 of the Application), the application should indicate the registered country of the operator, any secondary departure countries as well as “Worldwide” (ex. USA, Mexico, Canada / Worldwide). 

Download the Air Transport License Application Form here. Please be advised of the following:

  1. New or renewal Bahamas Air Transport Licensing may take up to 30 days or more, depending on the extensiveness of the application.  The queue is a first come first serve. 
  2. The application MUST include the Particulars of the President or CEO of the applicant (Section 1 of the application).
  3. Operators with multiple aircraft must submit the airworthiness and registrations of each aircraft within the application.
  4. The insurance document(s) must shield each aircraft within the application.
  5. Requests for renewal, of the license, must be submitted no later than 30 days prior to the expiration date. 

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