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World Fuel Services fuels Farnborough International Airshow


World Fuel Services

Chloe Bines, 01179064516, [email protected]

17th July, 2018 ‐ Farnborough – TAG Farnborough Airport has enrolled World Fuel Services’ support in advance of hosting the Farnborough International Airshow – the world’s second largest aerospace and defense show

World Fuel Services will play a pivotal role as the supplier of fuel and equipment to the show’s commercial and business aviation visitors. The airshow brings new aircraft and operating requirements for TAG Farnborough and World Fuel. The two partnered to develop an event specific solution including new trucks, equipment and Avgas to supply the airshow.

The airshow relies on its host TAG Farnborough Airport to provide ground, airspace and capabilities to facilitate 150 aircrafts, 80,000 members of the public and 109,000 visitors.

To service the airshow’s worldwide visitor base, World Fuel Services Trip Support will also be on offer. Trip Support consolidates flight planning, weather, ground handling and necessary regulations ensuring customers a thorough support for every phase of their flight to and from the show.

‘We have a long-standing relationship with TAG Farnborough and it is a pleasure to support them in hosting what is widely renowned as one of the most significant event in the aviation calendar’ said Mark Amor, World Fuel Services’ vice president. ‘The airshow isn’t just for aviation enthusiasts or professionals, but also for families and children some of whom could well be our next generation of pilots.”

Roger Walker, Director Airport Operations, TAG Farnborough Airport said: “World Fuel Services and TAG Farnborough Airport have had a great relationship for some time and so it has been a pleasure to further grow this and have them onboard to help facilitate this event.”

TAG Farnborough is an award-winning FBO site supported by World Fuel Services for over 15 years, providing complete fuel and service provision to the site.