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Expect More From Your International Trip Support Partner

Our clients value the ease of doing business with our experienced, knowledgeable specialists 24/7 throughout our global network and rely on our quality service, dependability, and value. No matter when, where, or what you need, you can trust our experts to deliver.


Operating a business aircraft requires intricate planning and tremendous effort, and that is especially true for international flights. Our 24/7 full service flight support offers precision planning, global expertise, and accurate flight data to operate as an efficient, effective extension of your operation.


eu-LISA Program Assistance

eu-LISA is implementing two new programs - European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) and the Entry/Exit System (EES). This new program is still a fluid situation, and all parties involved are still trying to understand the complete requirements. World Fuel Services is available for consultation regarding the eu-LISA program and happy to assist its customers.

Read the resource article for more information.

Flight Planning

Expert managed flight planning when you need it: Our flight planners ensure you receive the most accurate, reliable, mission-critical information you need before every flight.
Self-service tools when you don’t: OFP gives you greater control to streamline flight paths, simplify trip plans and reduce cost. The technology our flight planners use is the same that you use in OFP, which means you see what we see.


Our in-house, degreed meteorologists are available 24/7 to consult and assist you with real-time issues. Weather packages are delivered according to your customized delivery protocols and our technologies allow you to build routes over graphic maps with overlaid real-time weather, winds, and FIRs to give you the most accurate picture of your route and its conditions.

Ground Handling & Logistics

With 17,000+ worldwide vendors, we have the network to support your operations, no matter where you fly. Each ground handling agency in our global network is a pre-qualified trusted partner ready to handle all your aircraft needs. You’re free to choose the handler that's right for you.

  • Secure aircraft parking
  • Arrange necessary ground equipment
  • Greet and escort your passengers
  • Handle all baggage
  • Provide cabin and ramp services
  • Coordinate with airport authorities
  • Fulfill any concierge service needs
  • Provide deicing services
  • Prepare documents for customs and immigration
  • And more

Regulatory Services

Keeping compliant with global regulations can be a full-time job, but it doesn’t have to be yours. Trust our experts to assist you with regulatory compliance to save time and avoid delays or fines.

Landing and Overflight Permits
Count on us to secure the landing and overflight permits you need. Schedules change and we offer the industry’s most flexible permit system. If your flight pushes back as much as 24 hours, you won’t be charged for a second permit.

Customs – US and Canada
Let us arrange pre-clearance through customs for flights to the US and Canada. Canada Border Services still requires a Captain’s phone call two hours before arrival, but they will have prior knowledge of your flight details.

APIS/CARICOM – US, Caribbean Islands, Colombia, Mexico, UAE
Our specialists will make sure you’re compliant whether you need a private aircraft or charter (US e-APIS or Caribbean CARICOM). Submission is sent directly to US Homeland Security or the Caribbean community and your data is stored for future use.

Slots and AROs
We’ll secure full-service EUROCONTROL airway slots, ARO slots, and airport slots worldwide at high-traffic airports requiring reservations. Let us know your preferred landing and takeoff times and we’ll handle the rest.

TSA Waiver Program
Recent changes to the TSA Waiver program are in effect. We’ll help you secure the waiver you need for a smooth mission.

Border Overflight Exemption (BOE)
Save time and money with a Border Overflight Exemption (BOE) on flights into the US. Our experts will show you how.

European Union Emissions Trading System (EU ETS)
The mandatory EU ETS monitoring and compliance system is complex. We’ll help you simplify the process, develop a plan, and walk you through the process to ensure you meet deadlines and requirements.

UK Air Passenger Duty (APD)
We’ll help you navigate the UK-APD, register with the HMRC, and calculate fees and payment options. Leave it to us.

Cuba Block Permits
Flying over Cuba on short notice? We’ll arrange the overflight permits. Or, fly over as often as you need with block overflight permits to be used on an ad-hoc basis.

Safety Management System (SMS)
World Fuel Trip Support and Baldwin Aviation offer the resources and programs to quickly implement and manage an SMS program. Find a customized and scalable SMS program to fit your needs.

Short Term RVSM Letters of Authorization (LOAs)
Access our streamlined system with our partner, GoRVSM, to apply for standard LOAs, presented in an electronic package for FAA review. Emergency LOAs are processed quickly, with a turnaround time of days rather than weeks.

Hotel Services

Eliminate the time and hassle of managing hotel bookings and changes on your own.
Our Hotel Services department has 20+ years of field experience to leverage discounts, upgrades, and availability, so your passengers and crew receive the best possible value. Our offices around the world are staffed with experts with first-hand knowledge of the locale, its customs, and the available hotel options and are ready to reserve your favorite hotel or help you make an informed choice from thousands of worldwide properties.
Contact our Hotel Services team at +1 281 280 2100.


Catering is a vital service element for any private flight, particularly international journeys. We will arrange catering with your preferred vendor at all requested stops.
You may also use Vintage Catering, our fully vetted catering partner, and an industry leader. As the largest full-service private jet caterer, Vintage Catering offers worldwide service with a network of the finest culinary chefs in every departure location around the globe. Meal requests are processed through our Trip Support department and tracked from creation to delivery using a state-of-the-art system. Vintage chefs take quality to the next level by providing photos of completed catering for clients to review, eliminating any surprises.


Wherever your journeys take you, ensure your passengers and crew get the service they expect. Save time when you allow us to arrange transportation to suit your needs, including taxis, rental cars, limousines or passenger vans.
When security is a top priority for your party, our partners at UnitedHealthcare Global Risk can arrange for secure transportation with security-trained drivers, armed guard-assisted vehicles, and armored vehicles.


Your safety is our priority. With the help of our security partners at UnitedHealthcare Global Risk, we’re able to offer a full range of protection services. All security personnel are vetted, licensed, well-trained professionals capable of providing the level of protection you need. UnitedHealthcare Global Risk uses the best technology, methods, and people to provide clients the information they need to make decisions about their travel plans.

Threat Assessments

Unbiased security reports provide an assessment of what passengers and crew may expect upon arrival and while traveling within the surrounding region. Assessments consider potential threats to hotels, travel routes, airports, cities, and take into account security compliance advisories, allowing sufficient time to mitigate those risks before departure.

Personal and Aircraft Security
Additional services can be arranged through UnitedHealthcare Global risk including aircraft security guards, executive-level protection, and secure transportation for passengers and crew.

Aircraft Security Management
Uniformed aircraft guards provide 24-hour tarmac security, armed when permitted by the airport authority. UnitedHealthcare Global Risk guards adhere to a strict post-order protocol and may only be dismissed by the aircrew.

Secure Ground Transportation
Receive your driver’s name, cell phone number, vehicle type, and plate 48-hours in advance, and again confirmed 30 minutes before arrival, when your driver is required to be in position.

Security-trained Drivers
When conditions dictate, security drivers trained in preventative concepts and advanced driving techniques to avoid choke points and unsafe environments can be provided.

Executive Protection and Security Escorts
When travel requires the use of security escorts or bodyguards, UnitedHealthcare Global Risk turns to its international network of highly trained agents to provide low-profile protection and ensure clients are shielded from harm. Their agents are trained in unarmed combat, tactical driving, first aid, and firearm tactics.


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