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Enhanced Speed with Optimized Route On-Off Switch

Increasing processing speed is the name of the game in the latest myWorld App release. By giving you the option of toggling the optimized route calculation on/off, you can decrease the amount of time it takes to enter a new leg.

Paperless Cockpit

One of the enhancements in the latest myWorld App release makes creating and downloading your flight documents faster and easier.

Additional Enhancements for myWorld App 1.3.15

Along with the processing speed enhancements, this release cleared up navigation issues and added options  for your flight plan weather package delivery and managed trips.

Dashboard View

The Dashboard page will serve as the hub for myWorld, providing access to the full suite of services. We are going to review all of the features available from the Dashboard, which defaults to a list of your trips across the top with the specific legs of the selected trip on the bottom two-thirds of the screen.

Dashboard Map and Annunciators

In this video, we will demonstrate how to use the map function to see the overview of your trip, and we will cover the annunciators found on the Dashboard.

Route Options

In this video, we will provide an overview of the route options available in the myWorld app and all of their components.


In the ETPs and ETOPs video, we will review how to select, customize, and apply Equal Time Point alternates and Extended Range Operations on a flight plan.

Computing a Simple Flight Plan

In this video, we’ll be computing a flight plan from Houston’s Hobby Airport to Nashville International Airport. The process is the same for international flights with a few minor exceptions, including ETOPS, ETPs, and organized track system routes.

Runway Analysis and Weight & Balance

The next video in the myWorld training series is on Runway Analysis and Weight and Balance report. As long as you have a working APG account for their runway analysis and weight and balance program, you can make both calculations using myWorld.

ATC Filing

The ATC Filing function will be used to file flight plans with air traffic services. All filed flight plans are monitored 24 hours a day by our Regional Trip Support staff.

File & Go

This video will focus on the File & Go feature which will be used to create and file flight logs.

Weather Layers

In this video, we’ll review how to select any of the weather graphics available to assist with your flight planning. We’ll also go over the Weather Graphics Selection Bar and the Layers Selection Tool.

Weather Content Editing Options

myWorld contains a vast amount of weather data. In this video, we’ll cover how to edit weather content and save these items to a package.

Delivery Packager

In this video, we will be using the Delivery Packager feature of myWorld to add weather, NOTAMs, and other reports needed to generate a flight plan/weather package.

Downloading Process

This video will focus on the process and features of downloading and adding content to a leg that is going to be flown soon.

Enroute Process

In this video, we will review the enroute process. Once a leg has been downloaded to the app, it can be used to record flight progress from pre-departure through arrival.

Requesting and Viewing Trip Services

In this video, we’ll review how to request services for a leg using myWorld and tracking the status of the service from request to confirmation.

Required Permits

In this video, we will be reviewing the required permits for a leg. This video will demonstrate how to find out what permits are required and how to request them.


The next video in the myWorld training series focuses on entering manifest information. Within the MANIFEST section, you can add or edit crew and passenger information and assign the necessary crew and passengers to a trip or specific leg(s).

Itinerary Planner

The Itinerary Planner tool bases times on forecasted winds and airway routings, making pre-trip planning simpler by offering assistance with stops and customer preferred routings.

Fuel Quoting and Setup

In this video, we will show you how to process fuel quotes and requests by using the FuelFinder section of myWorld.

Airport Search

This video will demonstrate how to search for airports in the app and what information can be found.


In this video, we will review myWorld's storage features - what is stored in the app and how to view the information.


This video will show what is kept in myWorld's profile section and how it is controlled.

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