World Fuel Services has the unique capability to help you achieve your sustainability goals.

Through World Kinect Energy Services, a division of World Fuel, we can ensure you maximize your carbon strategy today by purchasing fuel bundled with carbon offsets. We have made it easy to manage your carbon exposure and disclosure through your everyday purchase of fuel.

Get Started on Your Path to Net Zero

Creating a More Sustainable Future

While there is not a single approach to achieve reduced emissions, all sustainability journeys share common elements.​ Our experts will develop a custom pathway for your organization to achieve your sustainability goals based on our offerings and internationally recognized best practices.

We have embarked on our own journey toward a more sustainable future and will help you do the same with a custom carbon offset solution to fit your needs.

Offset Your Jet with Carbon Offset Fuel

Make an immediate impact and achieve your sustainability goals today by offsetting your jet with Carbon Offset Fuel (COF).

Bundle Carbon Offsets with Each Fuel Transaction in myWorld Web

Do it yourself: Log in to myWorld Web and choose the bundle carbon offsets with this transaction option on the Fuel Setup screen.

Let us assist: Contact our 24/7 Global Fuel Logistics team and request to add carbon offsets to your fuel order.

Offset monthly or annually

Contact your sales executive or our 24/7 Global Fuel Logistics team and request to offset your operations monthly or annually. You can choose to offset jet fuel, avgas, gasoline, diesel, electricity, natural gas, heating oil, and propane.

Offset with World Fuel Rewards

Choose carbon offsets as a rewards option when you redeem your World Fuel Rewards points.

Offset Your Jet With World Fuel Rewards

Redeem World Fuel Rewards points now to achieve your sustainability goals!

You can now choose carbon offsets as a rewards option when you redeem your points.

Choosing carbon offsets allows you to compensate for a portion of your operation's residual carbon footprint. When you redeem for rewards, you can enter fuel volume or points to calculate the amount of carbon emissions in tons of CO2 equivalents. World Kinect Energy Services (World Kinect), the sustainability division of World Fuel Services, analyzes your energy use and retires carbon offsets to compensate for a portion of your scope 1 and scope 2 emissions.

Log in or become a member to start your sustainability journey.

Redeem Your Points Now

Points can be redeemed for thousands of rewards including gift cards, Visa®, travel, merchandise, charitable donations, invoice credits, and now carbon offsets.

Membership is Free

World Fuel Rewards membership is free and open to schedulers, dispatchers, flight crew members, pilots, and entire flight department teams.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)

As a member of the Coalition of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), World Fuel continues to support the business aviation industry’s goal to reduce carbon emissions 50% by 2050.

Since 2015, World Fuel Services has delivered more than 27 million gallons of SAF through the end of 2021 to business and commercial aviation customers. COF is another step toward increasing the aviation industry’s access to low-carbon fuel and creating greater efficiencies in SAF distribution.

Learn more about the Sustainable Aviation Fuel Initiative by viewing the guide

SAF Book and Claim Solution

With Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) being short in supply globally, World Fuel’s SAF Book and Claim Solution allow customers, no matter where they are in the world, to derive the same environmental benefits of SAF without consuming the physical product.

Contact your sales representative or request information to learn more. 

Start your journey towards a more sustainable future. Our aviation experts will help you decarbonize and build an ongoing solution customized to your needs.

More Ways to be Sustainable

World Fuel recently announced more ways to help World Fuel Network members achieve their sustainability goals.

World Fuel Services' Sustainability Report

World Fuel Services is several significant steps to strengthen its public commitment to operate more sustainably.

Press Releases

World Fuel Rewards Members Can Now Redeem Points for Carbon Offsets

World Fuel Rewards Members Can Now Redeem Points for Carbon Offsets

Press Releases

World Fuel Services Provides Farnborough with Regular Supply of Sustainable Aviation Fuel

World Fuel Services continues expanding its global supply chain in SAF by providing Farnborough Airport with a supply of SAF.


Aviation: Carbon Offsets

Learn how World Fuel Services has the unique capability to help you achieve your sustainability goals.

We've Embarked on Our Own Journey

In 2019, World Fuel Services became a proud signatory of the United Nations Global Compact and have selected the below UN Sustainable Development Goals that we believe best represent areas where we can have the greatest impact and that will help guide our focus going forward.

World Fuel Services has and will continue to commit its resources to create a more sustainable future.

See our full statement.

Have questions about sustainability or want to know more?