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Solutions for Aviation: Responsive, Reliable & Resilient

With an absolute focus on operational effectiveness, World Fuel Services develops tailored, integrated solutions to meet Defense and Military Aviation requirements wherever and whenever they are needed. With a track record of delivery excellence on a global scale, including in high-risk operational environments, we deliver safe, sustainable, and innovative fuel and energy solutions worldwide.

Military Jet Fuel and Services for Defense & Military Aircraft

Leveraging our extensive experience in military operations, we have the full capability from supply chain build outs to testing and managing extreme operational conditions to help you deliver your mission, on time and on budget.

Your military flight operations demand fuel supply reliability. We deliver multiple grades of high-quality military jet fuel for Defense, and Military around the world. Our fuel and energy solutions are relied upon to sustain military operations, safely and securely.

Our Commitment

Our goal is to be the world’s leading responsive, reliable, and resilient provider of Defense & Military energy solutions. We proudly hire and train veterans and active-duty members of the military for a trusted operational partnership you can count on.

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Is sustainability rising to the top of your agenda?

By matching your strategic preferences to our wide array of sustainable options, we build and implement renewable energy solutions that work best for your organization. Let us help you balance your bottom line with your environmental goals.


Why Choose World Fuel Services?

Delivery to any location, 24/7

  • Established supplier relationships and extensive network of military fuel storage options inventory positions
  • Trusted fuel supply for mission-critical aviation operations
  • Industry-leading global logistics team, on call 24/7 with personnel available for immediate support


Strategic logistics expertise you can depend on

  • Secure supply with direct access to physical supply
  • Standard fixed and mobile military fuel storage options, and custom installations
  • ISO containers and drums provide complex logistics solutions


On-the-ground support to solve operational issues

  • Teams embedded at key locations to ensure compliance with local regulations
  • Experience and strategic critical thinking to solve operational issues related to security, geography, or infrastructure
  • Specialized ground services for heads of state or VIP flights, UN flights, and military transport operations
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Contact a Defense Solutions Team specialist today

We are proud to serve. Our global team of experts is ready to customize a solution for your unique military fuel and energy needs.