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myWorld App

myWorld App

The myWorld app consolidates flight planning, weather, airport search, trip, and fuel applications into a single environment. Backed by World Fuel Services’ 24/7 operations team, myWorld provides you with full access to the same data the World Fuel Trip Support team uses to manage your trip.

Keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently

The best of World Fuel Services’ online flight planning (OFP), FuelFinder, and Trip View® have been joined together with leading aviation technologies to create a single app for all of your trip planning needs.

  • Worldwide regionalized enroute charting that works in online and offline modes
  • Delivery of flight brief for fully-managed or self-service trips
  • Drag and drop route rubberbanding to avoid conflict and weather areas

  • Detailed overflight permit information and requirements
  • eAPIS capability
  • Free access to full planning information - weather, airport, country, permit requirements, and many other key trip data sources
  • Weather and navigation layers overlaid on interactive maps

  • Integrated WSI weather graphics and vector content
  • Download complete, customized interactive flight briefs prior to departure
  • Quote and set up fuel at 4,200+ locations worldwide and order services directly in the app
myWorld Training Videos
myWorld Training Videos
  • Dashboard View
  • Dashboard Map and Annunciators
  • Route Options
  • Computing a Simple Flight Plan
  • Runway Analysis and Weight & Balance
  • And More
Multiple Apps Bundled into One
  • Fuel
  • Weather
  • Airport, handler, country, regulatory data
  • File & Go
  • Complex flight planning
  • Electronic flight bag
  • Trip View
  • Services engine
myWorld Technology Contributors
  • IBM
  • The Weather Company
  • Seattle Avionics
  • Aircraft Performance Group
  • NavBlue
  • Mapbox
  • SkyVector
  • PDFTron
  • AVfinity

myWorld App Release 2.3

Explore myWorld App’s newest customer-driven features in this latest release.

myWorld App

Download myWorld App

myWorld App is free to download and use for World Fuel Services Customers!

Designed specifically for business aviation, myWorld App merges World Fuel Services’ Online Flight Planning (OFP™), Trip View® , FuelFinder, and airport finder into one mobile application. The result is a single platform to efficiently access fuel, weather, complex flight planning, a services engine, and airport, handler, country and regulatory data.

myWorld App is free to download and use for World Fuel Services Customers! The app is only available on the App Store for iOS iPad devices. To locate the app, search the App Store for “myWorld WFS” or simply use the download button provided below.

Have Questions or Need Help Logging On?

If you have questions about any of the myWorld app features or are having problems with logging in, we have a 24/7 team of experts standing by to help you.

Email: [email protected]
Local +1 281 280 2291
Toll free: +1 844 505 5424

Request Access

If you are a new or existing customer and need access to myWorld app, please contact your sales representative or use the below contact information:

Email: [email protected]
Local: +1 281 280 2200
Toll free: +1 800 626 0577