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New Airport Opening in Cambodia

View of Cambodia

Siem Reap Angkor International Airport (VDSA/SAI) opened on October 16, 2023, with the old airport, Siem Reap International Airport (VDSR/REP), closing as the new one opened. VDSA/SAI is about 35 miles (57 KM) from downtown Siem Reap and the Angkor Wat temple areas. Normal drive times are between 1 and 1.5 hours. Siem Reap Angkor is the largest airport in the country by size. The main terminal is used for both domestic and international flights, and there is a VIP terminal. Fuel is available, and overnight parking is usually available due to the ample ramp space.

The runway at VDSA/SAI is currently capable of handling narrow-body aircraft, but during the second of three planned phases, it will be expanded to handle wide-body aircraft, increasing the airport’s capacity to 12 million passengers per year by 2030. The third phase, planned for a 2050 completion, will increase the total capacity to over 20 million passengers annually. There are also plans for an expressway between the city and the airport. Ground transportation includes minibuses for shared rides (15 passengers) and minivans for private transfers (7 passengers). Hotels are available in the downtown Siem Reap area, including the Sofitel and Courtyard by Marriott Siem Reap Resort.

BGA aircraft can use the main or VIP terminals for arrivals and departures. The VIP terminal is a separate facility attached to the main terminal and operates similarly to a western FBO with security and CIQ on site.

Here are some of the other facts for the airport

  • Operational hours are 0600 LT - 0300 LT (2300Z – 2000Z)
  • IFR or VFR Operations: IFR
  • Coordination lead time required for arrivals:
    • 2 days is recommended, but for urgent flights, all services (slots, permit, handling, etc.) can be arranged with 24-hour lead time and sometimes even less
  • Fuel
    • Jet A is available
    • No AVGAS is available
    • Contract fuel is available
    • Retail fuel payments accepted
      • Payment on the spot is not accepted by into-plane agent
      • Fuel payment must be arranged in advance
  • Ground service equipment available:
    • GSE for regular narrowbody and widebody airline and business jet operations is available
    • Certain business jet towbars might not be available, but the ramp is large enough to allow for self-taxi on departure
  • CIQ
    • Visa on arrival is available for most nationalities
    • ASEAN nationals can enter visa-exempt
  • VIP Terminal
    • Open for use only during normal airport operational hours
    • Passengers are limited to 2 hours of VIP Terminal use
    • The VIP Terminal is operated by the airport operator, so the charge will be added to the ground handling bill
      • 100 USD per passenger per way, with a minimum charge of 4 passengers (as of 1 MAR 2024)
    • Unlike other Cambodian airports, BGA flights are NOT required to use the VIP Terminal
      • Can use the main terminal, which also has a lounge for commercial airline passengers that can be arranged for BGA passenger

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