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Weather Alert: Volcano Reykjanes Color Code RED

Volcano in Iceland may interrupt global trip support operations

Earlier today, May 29th, at 1313Z, an eruption started on the Reykjanes Peninsula near Mt. Hagafell. So far, it has been very similar to the last eruption in March 2024. At 1515Z, all the gas and magma/lava emissions are at low levels. No gas or ash is being reported above 5000 feet.

While flights appear to operate normally, a more robust eruption could happen anytime. You should review the volcanic advisories and NOTAMs before operating across the North Atlantic or to/from Iceland.

Voted as #1 Best International Trip Planning in the 2024 ProPilot PRASE Survey, our global team of local experts is dedicated to supporting your operations and will provide you with any further details as they develop. Feel free to contact the World Fuel Trip Support team’s meteorologists 24/7 at [email protected] for additional information or help with your trip.

Hazard map for volcanic unrest