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myWorld Tankering iPad

myWorld Tankering

A fast, precise fuel tankering calculator to help flight operators minimize overall fuel costs.


Save Thousands Per Month Per Aircraft*

Tankering is often a slow and manual process, and it is a common myth that uplifting fuel at home base is the lowest cost option. Considering variables like fuel price, fees, and fuel burn, myWorld Tankering delivers a fast, precise calculation, so you can select the right place to fuel. By automating fuel calculations, you’ll gain fast, accurate insight into where to uplift, so you can stop worrying about saving pennies per gallon and lower overall fuel cost.


*Potential savings based on 10 legs per month.

Lower fuel cost

By letting myWorld Tankering do the work of calculating tankering, you’ll have insight into how to lower overall fuel cost each trip. Our proprietary algorithm allows pilots to operate on their selected flight plan and suggests cost-efficient locations to uplift fuel while also considering ramp fees and fuel burn.

Save time

myWorld Tankering automates an often-manual process and populates multi-leg trips in under 10 seconds, making it a quick and simple addition to your tankering process.

Higher accuracy

Precise calculations result in better insight into fuel savings. Over time, myWorld Tankering continuously adjusts to provide actuals of time in air and fuel burns. It tests millions of variations per trip to get the most precise calculation based on your input parameters. For clarity, all ramp fees and pricing calculations are visible on one screen.

Calculate anywhere

myWorld Tankering is a web-based platform available on mobile, tablet, and desktop, so you have easy-to-use 24/7 access. The tool scales up according to the device, so features like map display with legs and tiers are seen on the desktop.

Optimize for multi-leg trips

myWorld Tankering offers calculations for up to six locations and can be used for domestic and international flights.

Understand, manage, and report on spending

myWorld Tankering comes with a broad feature set, including analytics, reporting, and savings calculations.

tankering on iPhone

Built for multi-leg trips

Calculate fuel for multi-leg trips and gain insight into where to uplift fuel at the lowest cost.

tankering on iPhone

Adjusts to your specifications

myWorld Tankering’s algorithm adjusts over time to closely match the aircraft’s performance on any given route.

tankering on iPhone

Customizable fuel pricing

Users have the ability to input custom pricing, so you can adjust myWorld Tankering to your fuel prices and specifications. 

tankering on multiple devices

Subscription-based and Easy to Get Started

  • Subscription levels are based on aircraft size, by tail per month.
  • Start with a free demo and then a one-month free trial.
  • Onboarding is easy, with one form for each aircraft to specify setup details.

Contact your sales executive or email us for a free demo and trial.