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Adding World Fuel's payment solutions to your operation gives you the network and tools you need to manage expenditures while reducing operating costs and increasing savings.


Operators enjoy benefits such as unique payment options and streamlined billing choices like consolidated invoices with line item detail. FBOs and airports enjoy seamless electronic processing of transactions using the most popular FBO point of sale software systems and accelerated credit card payment without processing fees! Plus, every purchase made earns World Fuel Rewards points.

Person holding phone which displays digital cards

Digital Cards

Connect to new ways to pay with your World Fuel payment cards, now available in Apple Wallet and Google Wallet.

Just like physical cards, digital cards can be used internationally. All aspects of the cards, including line-item invoicing and World Fuel Rewards, remain the same with digital cards. The only difference is that there is no need to wait for new cards to be mailed in and digital cards auto-update without the hassle.

Digital Cards Available

  • World Fuel Contract
  • World Fuel | UVair Contract
  • AVCARD®️ by World Fuel
  • Phillips 66®️ AVCARD
  • World Fuel Rewards

Contact your sales representative to learn more.


Validate Your Card

Looking to validate your card? Unsure if your card can be processed yet? Validate or check the validation of your AVCARD® or World Fuel Contract Card now.