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World Fuel Services supplies the first ever sustainable aviation fuel demonstration in Europe

RELEASE DATE: May 17, 2019

World Fuel Services
Ben Rogers, 07968 207641, [email protected]

May 17, 2019 – FARNBOROUGH – World Fuel Services will be the official provider of sustainable aviation jet fuel (SAJF) for the first ever European demonstration taking place this May at TAG Farnborough Airport.

Fueling 12 jets, World Fuel will be supporting the SAJF demonstration by showcasing the capability of sustainable fuels while promoting increased use as a contribution to sustainability within the aviation industry. The global fuel provider is a key member of a coalition of international businesses committed to SAJF which recently gathered in Los Angeles to mark a milestone in SAJF’s development and adoption.

Supporting SAJF at Farnborough comes as part of World Fuel’s wider commitment to sustainable fuel solutions. Since 2015, the business has delivered nearly 500k gallons of SAJF to business aviation and over 13m gallons to commercial customers. For the European event, World Fuel is working with Gevo, Inc. to deliver a blended SAJF product using Gevo’s product produced in Silsbee, Texas.

World Fuel will be providing JET A1 blended specifically with Gevo’s sustainable and renewable alcoholto-jet fuel (ATJ) to the European Fueling the Future: SAJF demonstration at Farnborough. The blended fuel meets ASTM D1655 and DefStan 91-091 standards for commercial, business and general aviation use. The fuel will be blended at World Fuel’s Northolt (NHT) fuel farm, will be sampled and tested, and then moved to Farnborough by truck to enable aircraft refueling.

Dr. Patrick Gruber, CEO of Gevo, said, "We are pleased to be supplying our sustainable jet fuel to World Fuel for this inaugural event. Our fuel offers the potential to not only significantly reduce the carbon footprint of jet fuel, but it also has the potential to generate 5kg of protein and animal feed for the food chain. It’s a ‘circular economy’ type of system in real life, and it can make a difference for the environment, and for food."

Mike Szczechowski at World Fuel said, “We were an early supporter of alternative fuel technology, and now an industry leader in the promotion and distribution of SAJF. We invested early and continue our full support on SAJF to reduce CO2 emissions. The SAJF initiative is one component of the industry’s four-pillar strategy focused on improving efficiency and reducing emissions. While SAJF is new to business aviation, we all have a responsibility to help drive its acceptance and utilization. Its introduction to the marketplace will not be a quick or easy process, but the sustainability impact and reduced emissions support the industry’s climate change goals. Our presence at the Farnborough demonstration is about building the knowledge and confidence with this fuel, which meets all industry standards. We wholeheartedly encourage the use of SAJF and believe the Farnborough event will help its profile for the benefit of the industry and the world by reducing CO2 emissions and utilizing a sustainable fuel product.”