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FBO Software Built for Every Need

FBO Software Built for Every Need

With World Fuel Services' extensive network and wealth of aviation expertise, we understand your FBO’s specific needs. With a scalable offering, you can not only expect to find a flexible solution for your business; you can expect software programs that grow as your business grows. 

Compare for Yourself

Our software can be an integrated solution that tracks every aspect of your business or work alongside your current programs to bolster efficiency. With FBO software built for every need, you can choose the software that fits your business. 


Entry-level payment processing software for FBOs who value simplicity and low cost

  • Integrated PCI and PA-DSS compliance
  • Capture sales anywhere including the ramp
  • Robust fuel and revenue report library
  • Customer resource management (CRM)
  • Secure storage of cards on file
  • Cloud hosting on the latest technology - AWS
  • Configurable security settings
  • Secure daily backups
  • Unlimited customer service and support
  • Our base offering ideal locations who value (entry-level) low cost and simplicity

Total Aviation Software

Built on avPOS, enhanced for management modules and integrations with leading FBO tools

  • Customizable management modules to reduce costs and add flexibility
  • Complete system integration
  • Fuel truck automation
  • Fuel tracking and inventory management
  • Export accounting transactions
  • Concierge reservation services
  • Card processing via avPOS
  • Integrations with industry leading FBO tools like Flight Bridge
  • Intuitive platform to eliminate long training cycles
  • Ready for transactions right out of the box
  • Process transactions from the ramp with a tablet or mobile devices
  • 100% web-based dynamic updates
  • Cloud hosting on the latest technology – AWS
  • Great for single FBOs and small chains


The full suite offering built on avPOS for complete management of all FBO operations and finances.

  • Card processing via avPOS
  • Track transactions between departments
  • One data entry point to efficiently fix the same error in multiple areas
  • GAAP-compliant double-entry bookkeeping that automatically reverses for accruals
  • Manage multiple locations through one database with complete enterprise functionality
  • Support your CSRs fully with one display showing ramp traffic, invoicing, reservations, and visitors by tail number
  • Fuel truck automation
  • Automatic invoicing
  • Integrated PA-DSS (PCI) certified payment processing compliance
  • Best for enterprise locations

Why Us?


FBO Software Users

As the industry-leading provider of aviation technology, our software is used by over 3,000 FBO software users.



Security is our top priority. Our dedicated information security team of 25+ security specialists actively manages and monitors all aspects of our AWS infrastructure. 


Market Strength

Backed by World Fuel’s extensive network and market strength, we have the resources to continually invest in industry-leading software. 


avPOS EMV Touchless

The need for efficient and safe processes is more vital today than ever before. avPOS EMV Touchless is the aviation industry’s first EMV-certified card processing solution. This addon integrates with avPOS or Total Aviation Software (TAS), so anyone with these software platforms can now offer an EMV-certified card processing solution. 

connected truck

The Connected Truck

By digitally capturing all the key information right on the truck’s fuel meter, the Connected Truck not only eliminates errors, it also syncs wirelessly with a cloud-based hub which then transmits to your World Fuel FBO software.

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