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myWorld iPad App

myWorld iPad App Release 1.3.0

Explore the newest features in myWorld iPad App 1.3.0, including Create New Leg, route options, speed enhancements, and more.

New Enhancements

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Create New Leg

Everything you need to quickly file & go

Create New Leg has the accuracy you need with all the aviation content you desire in one simple view. myWorld’s newest feature eliminates the complexity of calculating, uplinking, getting a weather delivery package, and filing a flight plan by integrating required information and route options.

Painlessly plan out every aspect of the leg by entering the arrival and departure ICAO to fuel, payload, flight level, Great Circle, aircraft registry, and more. After you have it planned, overlay multiple routes on the map view alongside the weather overlay to select the best possible route. Save your planned trip by naming it so you can locate it by searching in past, current, or future trips. Whichever trip you choose to review, you can make it full-screen without view of the menu panes.

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Route Options

Visualize your options to select the best routes. Users can choose the best possible route options by overlaying multiple routes on the map/chart view alongside weather overlays. While routes are generating or calculating, users can tap on the alert function to see the status and view reasons.

New color-coded annunciators allow users to quickly select the desired route to calculate their flight plan.

Easily access all Routes through one viewable area. Route options include:

  • Recently Cleared
  • Frequently Cleared
  • ATC/CDR Routes
  • Customer Routes
  • CFMU Routes
  • World Fuel Services Analyzed Routes

Speed Enhancements

We’ve significantly improved download speeds by optimizing storage data between Airport Data and Nav Data. Additional speed enhancements include resetting the timing parameter and removing the alert to download previous flight data.

iOS Authentication Integration

Quickly log in to the myWorld iPad app using the iOS Touch ID and Face ID authentication features.

Additional Enhancements

FIR Boundary Overlays

Route Options

Additional Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP)

Processing Spinners

Make Notes and Share Documents

Manifest/Crew Primary Passport

Security Enhancements

User Defaults

Full Screen View

Search for Company Trips

Aircraft Performance Group (APG) Notifications

myWorld Training Video

Resolved Issues

View the full list of resolved issues in 1.3.0


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