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Dublin Passenger Capacity Limit Uncertainty


Update 4/11/2024

On April 11, 2024, The Irish Aviation Authority withdrew its plans on the cap, as outlined in a draft decision, and instead moved to a seat capacity model. The proposal limits the number of seats for the winter 2024 season, October 27, 2024-March 29, 2025, to 14.4 million. The major difference is that the Passenger Air Traffic Movement (PATM) seat cap will only affect Terminals 1 and 2. Since General Aviation (GA) enters via gateposts or the Platinum Services terminal, there will be no capacity limitations at this time. GA will be kept under review for future seasons.

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Update 2/27/2024

Recently, news has been generated regarding the passenger cap at Dublin Airport (EIDW). In 2023, the number of passengers passing through the airport reached 29.4 million, just shy of the 32 million cap. Will 2024 be different? Will the cap be increased? There is much uncertainty with the issue.

The airport is forecasted to break the 32 million cap this year. An extension to 40 million has already been applied for, but approval could take up to two years. The National Aviation Business Association (NBAA) recently sent letters to the US Ambassador to Ireland and the Irish Ambassador to the US about the issue. The letters stated that with additional travelers that would exceed the cap, a ban on any type of “ad hoc” flights, including all business aviation, is on the horizon. The letter also included suggestions on other ways to help mitigate the issue.

There is no ban for now, and GA flights are operating normally. The World Fuel Trip Support Team will update this article as information changes. If you need help navigating restrictions and trip requirements, email us at [email protected].