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EU Commissioners Meetings Impact Spain Airports


Spain has assumed the role of the Presidency of the Council of the European Union for a six-month period. As a result of this responsibility, there will be several meetings of the European Commissioners and Ministers throughout the second half of 2023 that will impact airports. The most important meetings are listed below and may have impact on airport operations.

The World Fuel Trip Support Team is working with United Aviation Services of Spain, and is updating this article as information changes. Below is the latest information.

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Impact on Airports

Below is the list of impacted airports and the dates of the meetings and here is the program of events for further reference.

LEMD: Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport / LETO: Madrid-Torrejon Airport

LEMD Handler Information | LEMD Airport Information | LETO Handler Information | LETO Airport Information

  • June 15 and 16: Conference of Presidents of the European Parliament
  • July 1 and 2: Inaugural Act and handover of the Swedish Presidency for the first half of the year.
  • July 6 and 7: College of Commissioners of the Commission, which is the highest internal political and administrative body of the EU's executive body.
  • July 13-14: Informal meeting of the Employment Creation, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council (EPSCO)
  • August 29-30-31: Foreign Affairs Council (FAC) on Defense. The FAC includes foreign policy, defense and security, trade, development cooperation and humanitarian aid.

LEVX: Vigo Airport / LEST: Santiago-Rosalia de Castro Airport / LECO: A Coruna Airport

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  • July 10 to 11: Informal meeting of the Agriculture and Fisheries Council (Agrifish)

LERS: Reus Airport

LERS Handler Information | LERS Airport Information

  • July 20 to 22: Permanent Representatives Committee I o Coreper I (EU ambassadors)

LEBB: Bilbao Airport

NOTAM | LEBB Handler Information | LEBB Airport Information

  • July 24 and 25: Competitiveness Council (COMPET) on the internal market and industry. (I)

GCLP: Gran Canaria Airport

GCLP Handler Information | GCLP Airport Information

  • July 27-28: Employment Creation, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council (EPSCO)

LEXJ: Seve Ballesteros-Santander Airport

LEXJ Handler Information | LEXJ Airport Information

  • July 27 and 28: Competitiveness Council (COMPET) on the internal market and industry. (II)

LEST: Santiago-Rosalia de Castro Airport

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  • September 15-16: Informal meeting of the Economic and Financial Affairs Council (ECOFIN)

LESO: San Sebastian Airport

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  • September 20 to 22: Permanent Representatives Committee (Coreper) II (EU ambassadors)

LEBL: Barcelona-El Prat Airport

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  • September 21 and 22: Transportation: Telecommunications and Energy Council (TTE)

LEMI: Murcia International Airport / LEAL: Alicante Airport 

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  • September 28 and 29: Transportation: General Affairs Committee, coordinates the preparation of the European Council meetings.

LEGR: Federico Garcia Lorca Granada Airport / LEMG: Malaga-Costa Del Sol Airport

LEGR Handler Information | LEGR Airport Information | LEMG Handler Information | LEMG Airport Information

LEGR will host the Extraordinary European Council and the third meeting of the European Political Community, which will bring together 44 European countries, for which the Spanish Government is making preparations.
LEGR will be reorganizing with a temporary redistribution of the tarmac, so that they are going to expand from the 10 stands to 44 stands of up to B737/GLF6, 14 of them where the pushback maneuver will be compulsory. United Aviation Services of Spain will be positioning a Lektro AP8850 unit to support the pushback requirements.
For these last two events in Granada, aircraft repositioning diversions will be necessary, due to the limited capacity of the Granada airport, to LEMG or LEAM.

  • October 5: European Political Community, 44 heads of state and government of the European Political Community: the 27 EU countries plus associated or close countries, such as the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Turkey, the EFTA countries (Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein), the Western Balkan partners and Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.
  • Informal European Council, Informal meeting of the heads of state or government of the 27 EU countries.

LEVC: Valencia Airport

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  • October 19 and 20: Foreign Affairs Council (FAC) on Trade

LEZL: Seville Airport / LEJR: Jerez Airport

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  • November 6 and 7: Informal Interministerial Space Council

LEAS: Asturias Airport

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  • November 13 and 14: Informal Interministerial Council on Housing and Urban Development