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GPS Spoofing and Jamming


Since the fall of 2023, there have been numerous reports of navigation equipment malfunctioning or becoming inoperable; specifically, GPS and IRS equipment either giving wrong information or simply not working at all. The exact cause is currently unknown, and it appears to be happening randomly for different periods of time.

The most recent report we have received was of an incident near the waypoint KITOT on the boundary of the Jeddah (OEJD) and Cairo (HECC) FIRs, approximately 30 NM south of Israeli airspace. The crew of the aircraft, heading west, reported that their GPS was jammed for between 45-60 minutes, and they had to rely on ATC for headings. Other areas of the world reported to have been affected are Eastern Europe, the Black Sea area, and other parts of the Middle East, namely Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Lebanon.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple or inexpensive solution from a technological standpoint, and those currently available may not be effective. Given these limitations, a recommended approach today is to be prepared for an outage with a formal contingency plan ready if it happens.

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