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World Fuel Network Supports Fellow Members


World Fuel Network Members Supported Clark County Airports During F1™ Traffic in Las Vegas

The convergence of high-speed racing and aviation is a rare occurrence, but when it happens, it creates a dynamic blend of adrenaline, logistics, and innovation. Recently, Las Vegas witnessed a historic event—the first-ever Formula 1™ (F1™) race in the city. Preparing for a groundbreaking event posed unique challenges not only for the city but for the aviation industry. 

Henderson Executive Airport (KHND) and North Las Vegas Airport (KVGT) didn’t have to face those challenges alone. Through their strategic collaboration with their fuel and services supplier, World Fuel Services, together with their dedicated World Fuel account executive, Dan Gallegos, a year-long planning process began that leveraged the power of the World Fuel and Air Elite® by World Fuel Network

Henderson and North Las Vegas Airports, as members of the World Fuel Network, received assistance not only from fellow network members but also from World Fuel Services. This collaborative effort was crucial in managing the unprecedented surge in air traffic and setting the stage for an elite customer experience for all who arrived.

Truck fueling plane

The Role of Aviation Support

With over 1,000 arrivals expected in just seven days, the challenge was immense.

Fueling, maintenance, reservations, and landing slots—all had to be meticulously managed to prevent congestion and ensure safety.

Fueling the Frenzy

The fueling stations at Henderson and North Las Vegas hummed with energy. Operation crews hustled to replenish the tanks of jets ferrying F1 teams, drivers, and VIPs. 

Meanwhile, the Global Fuel Logistics teams provided support, aiding in network member locations’ customer service and software connections and orchestrating fuel deliveries from various terminals—even as planes shifted to alternate handlers.

The equipment team worked diligently to provide additional GSE equipment including several refueling trucks, tugs and lav carts to aid in the support of this event. World Fuel supply and dispatch teams relied on the World Fuel Network’s strong supply positions in the region and provided the necessary loads including last minute requests. All teams meticulously managed logistics to guarantee that every drop of fuel found its intended destination.

Many planes lined up at air control tower


Air Elite Network Members Come Together

With slots filling up quickly, area airports adopted a “drop-off only” policy, forcing aircraft to find alternative parking. 

The Air Elite Network is the global FBO network curated for elite service. True to the spirit of elite service, the following Air Elite Network members stepped in to help their fellow members by offering their facilities and special pricing for repositioned aircraft and accommodations for its crew. 


Additionally, Air Elite Network members went above and beyond by dispatching crews to assist onsite with logistical challenges. Their unwavering support for one another sets this community apart from other fuel networks. Together, they ensured that air traffic management extended beyond their individual locations, fostering a collaborative spirit that propelled success in Las Vegas. Here’s how the various members helped Henderson and North Las Vegas Airports:

Maven by Midfield KPTK:

  • Directed and managed the Net Jets operation, allowing the Henderson line service team to handle all other transient arrivals and departures.


Clay Lacy KVNY:

  • Worked alongside the Henderson CSR team, quickly grasping the reservation/PPR system implemented. They answered phones and addressed customer inquiries, freeing up the Henderson CSRs to keep the operation on track. They also assisted with any other duties, as well as with some fbo360 transactions.


Lehigh Valley Aviation Services KABE Alliance Aviation Services KAFW:

  • Answered phones, re-confirmed reservations, worked at the gates, assisted with transportation, and helped with the VIP Lounge with very little direction.


Galaxy FBO (Addison) KADSStanCraft Jet Center KCOE, and Bismarck Aero Center KBIS supported the Henderson team by filling in at the CSR desk, line services, and on the field.

With the help of additional support from network members, Henderson and North Las Vegas Airports had the capacity to handle larger operational challenges that came with accommodating 1,000 arrivals within seven days.

VIP limo pick up


Elevating the FBO Experience

The World Fuel Marketing team added a touch of luxury to the F1™ experience with VIP lounges in Henderson and North Las Vegas Airports through the exclusive FBO Marketing Services Program available to network members. The marketing team also created various eye-catching assets that adorned the FBO premises, infusing the space with the electrifying spirit of F1™. 

For Henderson and North Las Vegas Airports, the World Fuel Marketing team delivered the Local Event Activation package, which offered various levels of support ranging from signage and giveaways to full-service VIP lounges for pilots and guests. The team also conducted social media promotions, digital media campaigns, ramp window branding, and VIP lounge branding and signage.


You've Arrived window decals


People under a tent


CSR at front desk


People in the VIP lounge


The Support of the World Fuel Network

Members of the World Fuel Network benefit from World Fuel Services’ supply strength and strategic relationships with Fortune 100 companies. During the F1™ races, the World Fuel Network took center stage by navigating chaotic operational challenges with finesse. The network members underscored the essence of community, where mutual support and shared expertise resulted in a commitment to excellence for their customers.